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Tenant Screening Solutions

Are you looking for High-Quality tenants? 

Then you must screen properly!

IC's fully automated on-line resident screening system provides the residential leasing industry with a complete management tool for screening potential tenants. Our system combines credit reports, criminal reports, eviction data, previous employment history and previous rental performance data. IC interfaces with several of the industry leading Property Management Software Service Providers.

What you Need to Know!

Not all background reports are the same. Automated searches, such as a credit reports and eviction data, comes straight from the source and cannot be changed by the background screening company. ​


The criminal portion of these reports can vary drastically depending on your background screening vendor. If your vendor does not screen properly, you will miss records.​


IC offers reports are clear, concise and compliant. IC has created a protocol that ensures accuracy, highlights potential fraudulent behavior and detects data entry errors at the court level. 

Results that you can depend on! Service you can trust!


IC is a fully licensed and trained Investigative Agency that actively conducts corporate and insurance fraud investigations.

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