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Volunteer Screening

Know the Facts-Screen Properly!

Many organizations rely on volunteers to handle their day to day operations. When utilizing volunteers, each organization must do their best to protect these volunteers, employees and anyone with whom the volunteer may come in contact. Failure to do so may result in civil litigation that could damage the organization's reputation as well as cost them money for punitive damages.

Does your current background check really protect your people?

What You Need To Know!

  • Volunteer background packages are typically a basic search that barely scratches the surface.

  • These packages are offered at a budget-conscious rate in form of a National Criminal Search or Multi-Jurisdictional search.

  • Typically, these searches include "non-verified" records.

  • These searches do not cover all jurisdictions and they are only updated on a monthly basis. It is very common for this type of search to miss records!

Do you want to protect your volunteers and your employees?

Know the Facts-Screen Properly!


Mitigate Your Risk!


As "defense investigators", IC knows and understands the costs associated with litigation resulting from a volunteer's actions.  Therefore, IC has created a protocol for screening volunteers that will help mitigate their clients risk and lower their overall exposure.